This school recognises its legal duty under s.175 Education Act 2002 to work with other agencies in safeguarding children and protecting them from “significant harm”. The framework for such procedures is defined by the relevant circular from the Department for Education and Skills. These duties relate to all children and young people under the age of 18.

This school also operates under the “Safeguarding of Children” policy. This policy ensures children are protected from harm at all times. Our Governing body ensures our recruitment practices are safe and compliant with statutory requirements. All staff seek to adopt an open and accepting attitude towards children and young people as part of their general responsibility for pastoral care. The staff hope that parents and children will feel free to talk about concerns or worries which may affect educational progress and that they will see the school as a safe place if there are any difficulties at home. Children will be taken seriously if they seek help from a member of staff.

Parents will normally be consulted and their consent obtained before any referral is made to an agency outside the school under local “children in need” procedures. However, staff cannot guarantee to consult parents first, or to keep children’s concerns confidential, if referral must be made to the appropriate agencies in order to safeguard the child’s welfare. If staff have significant concerns about any child which may indicate:

• physical abuse,

• emotional abuse,

• sexual abuse or,

• neglect,

they are required to discuss them with the agencies responsible for investigation and child protection.

Staff who observe injuries which appear to be non-accidental, or who are told anything significant by a child, must report their concerns to the designated teacher. School staff do not, however, carry out investigations, nor decide whether children have been abused. That is a matter for specialist agencies.

Child protection issues will be addressed through the curriculum as appropriate, especially in Personal, Social and Health Education and sex education.

The designated teacher for all child protection matters in the school is currently Suzanne Davidson.

The nominated officer for child protection within the Local Authority is:

Kelly Waters, Education Child Protection Officer, County Hall, Norwich Telephone: 01603 223473

Safeguarding incorporating Child Protection
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